brenda parker way basingstoke and deane A long distance path across north Hampshire

The Brenda Parker Way

The Brenda Parker Way was officially opened by Kate Ashbrook on Easter Saturday 23rd April 2011.

The 78 mile route of the Brenda Parker Way is broken into nine sections, of eleven miles or less. Click on the links at the bottom of this page for the section details.


Walking the Brenda Parker WayThe walk description is written for those walking the route in a westerly direction. Ordnance Survey Explorer maps are used and are recommended for following the route. A PDF copy of each of the nine written descriptions can be downloaded from this site and printed for your convenience. We recommend the latest version of the Adobe Reader for downloading PDF files. Beneath the walk description is information on the places of interest encountered on the way.

Each section’s map shows the whole of the route included in the written description. Click here for instructions on using the website maps.

The Brenda Parker Way is marked in both directions with the Brenda Parker Way waymark discs. These are mostly located on existing Hampshire County CouncilBrenda Parker waymark disc structures such as finger posts and waymarking posts where the route meets a road or another path. There are also waymark discs on other structures between paths, such as in urban areas. Between these points, it is not our intention to have the Brenda Parker Way discs where the existing path is clear or this is assisted by Hampshire County Council waymarkers.  In some locations we have not been permitted to erect discs, so here refer to the written guide and map.

It is our intention that the route will be shown on the online and printed copies of the Ordnance Survey Landranger (in red diamonds) and Explorer maps (in green diamonds). We are not permitted to show the route on some of the land in the east, so these symbols will begin at Hartley Wintney. On these maps, where the route corresponds with a public right of way, the diamond symbol will overlay the other dashed symbols for the public right of way.

Where the route is not along a public right of way, such as along a road or over private land where public access is permitted, the underlying dashed symbols will be absent. Occasionally, such private land may be temporarily closed or the path diverted, for example due to the need for countryside management.

In such cases please comply with these requests. This website can be accessed on most mobile devices.

Aldershot to Fleet - 8 miles

Fleet to Winchfield - 8 miles

Winchfield to Bramley - 10 miles

Bramley to Tadley - 6 miles

Tadley to Kingsclere - 10 miles

Kingsclere to Highclere - 11 miles

Highclere to Sidley Bottom - 7 miles

Sidley Bottom to Rag Copse - 9 miles

Rag Copse to Andover - 9 miles

The Brenda Parker route

The nine sections of the Brenda Parker Way: